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We supply all kinds of railway fasteners with first class quality, excellent service and reasonable price. Our main produdcts:

  • Sleeper screws/screws spikes, track spikes/rail spikes/dog spikes
  • Rail Clip: e-clip, skl clip Rail anchors, shoulders
  • Rail pads: railway Fishplate, railway baseplates, tie plates
  • Railway bolt&nut&washer: fish bolts/track bolt, HS26/HS32 T bolts, square head bolt
  • EVA Rubber pad, HDPE Insulator, PA66 insulator, guide plate, plastic dowel

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With more than 15 years old professional experience of rail fasteners, we dedicate ourselves to creat wealth for you!

You can contact us online or send e-mail to : to order our products.

Products List

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Rail Screw Spikes
Rail Track Spikes
Rail Fish Bolts
Rail Clip Bolts
Rail Track Bolts
Special Rail Bolts
Nuts and washers
Rail clips
Rail clamps
Cast and Forged product
Plastic product
Steel Rail and sleeper

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